What type of events are JOT planning to hold in 2021-22?

The JOT Circuit for this school year will consist of multiple case competitions and educational summits. Events and dates are subject to change. The Qualifier Test and Regional Competition will be completely free of charge.

Qualifier Testing (Virtual)

Tentative Timeframe November 14th 2021 (2-6pm) Description An 101-question online multiple choice exam composed of general Ontario high school business curricula. All participants will write the same exam. All scores past a certain cutoff will qualify for the case competition stage.

Fall Summits (Virtual)

Tentative Timeframe Last week of November 2021 Description Our pre-Regionals conferences for case preparation and presentation training. Single day online events supported by workshops conducted by our many partners like the DeGroote School of Business and networking events. All competitors with qualifying tests will attend.

Regional Competition (Virtual)

Tentative Timeframe December 11th and 12th, 2021 Description The first case competition in the 2021-22 JOT Circuit. Multi-day asynchronous competition, meaning case presentations will be recorded on video and submitted into dropboxes, with a time limit imposed. Networking events will be held.

Prepared Events' Regional Deadline (Virtual)

Tentative Timeframe January 6th, 2022 @ 11:59pm EST Description Specific Regional stage for Prepared Event competitors (Business Plan and Strategy Consulting). Deadline to submit 6-page prepared Project Overview for judge consideration. Resulting score will determine qualification for Nationals. No video presentation or live component will be held.

National Competition (Virtual or In Person - TBD)

Tentative Timeframe March (virtual) or May (hybrid) Description Final stage of the 2021-22 JOT Circuit. Multi-day case competition/prepared event presentations featuring all qualified competitors from Regionals. Will either follow an online or in person model based on COVID-19 safety projections - to be determined. A event-specific online exam will also be written and networking events will be held.

Is there a calendar with all the 2021-22 JOT Circuit events?

Yes! See below (Agenda View) and add to your own Google Calendar. As well, all pertinent info on each event will be located in their specific pages on our website, linked above and on the homepage.

Will JOT host conferences virtually or in person due to COVID-19?

For the first semester of the 2021-22 school year, JOT Circuit events will be held virtually, through online case competition management platforms. Tentatively, there is a possibility of in-person events in Spring 2022 (second semester), specifically the JOT National Conference. Final decisions on competition model will be made closer to the dates after consultations regarding event feasibility and an assessment of the COVID-19 trajectory in Ontario.

How can I sign up for JOT conferences? How can I stay updated?

To compete in the 2021-22 JOT Circuit, join your existing school chapter, create a new school chapter, or register yourself as an individual competitor on our Registration page. Updates and specific info regarding Circuit events will be posted to our JOT website's Home, Blog, and Events pages. All news will also be available on our Instagram account.

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