Am I eligible to become a JOT member?

The JOT Circuit is open to any high school student across Canada, no matter skill level, business courses taken, or prior knowledge. We welcome all who want to compete.

Does it cost money to join JOT?

JOT Competitions has always been committed to ensuring that students of all financial and socioeconomic situations are given equal opportunity within our organization. Therefore, JOT membership is completely free of charge. There are no initial fees to start competing in the 2021-22 JOT Circuit. In the event of an in-person JOT National Competition, there will only be fees for travel and accommodation. Financial support will be offered.

What if my school doesn't have a JOT Club?

JOT Competitions, being a high school competition, may be organized through business clubs at high schools across the country providing training to members and attending conferences as a cohort. If you are a student at a school without a business club, or with one that will not be facilitating JOT participation for their students, your experience in JOT will not be affected. The full competition experience is available to individual members.

Great! Where do I join and what are my next steps?

Once you have completed the form, expect a confirmation email in the future with category selection details!

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